Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs

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Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs

Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs


Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs



Reliable , strong and incredibly obedient , the Mountain Cur Squirrel dog is a fantastic companion for the outdoor enthusiast—it is really happiest while working in the wild. These dogs are fearless yet friendly, tough but warmhearted. Defensive of the home and everyone in it, Mountain Curs may be alert and suspicious around strangers. They grow to be friendlier once they identify no dangerhowever in general their primary concern is pleasing and protecting their masters.



 Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs can live a long and healthy life

Mountain Cur squirrel dogs can survive as long as sixteen years with comparatively few hereditary health problemsCaring for is easy—just brush them from time to time and wash them only when needed. The Mountain Cur dog is an energetic dog. Most likely not the best indoor/apartment dog, the Mountain Cur requires fresh air, room to run and daily walks to sustain a wholesome state of mind and body.


The Origins of Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs

Mountain Cur dogs started in the mountains of Kentucky , Virginia and Tennessee , however you can find different “Cur” types all over the country . Dependable and sturdy , they were utilized by pioneers to herd cattle , hunt wild boar and protect property. Although nobody knows their precise genealogy, Mountain Cur squirrel dogs are thought to descend from European Cur-type dogs brought to the U .S . by immigrants.


Description of Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs


Mountain Cur squirrel dogs are durable, rustic, medium-sized dogs coated with short, tough coats which often come in brindle, black, brindle & black and yellow. Their fairly wide heads have an alert look, high-set hanging ears, solid muzzles and strong necks.




 A Reliable, high-energy mountain cur Squirrel dog 

Pal is a mountain cur dog. I couldn’t figure out why he would catch a rabbit and drop it at my feet . I occasionally feel really bad that I don’t realize how to skin a rabbit or like the flavor of them, however if this economy keeps heading the way it is, I will possibly learn to!

Living with Pal is the greatest. He is very respectful — he doesn’t grab food or get into the garbage . He is actually very low-key when in the house unless you initiate play , then he’ll happily give you your fair share.

He has got lots of energy . I walk him twelve miles each day , regardless of the weather , then let him run and swim free for about twenty minutes or so . I reside in a rural area , so he typically beats me on getting home, but comes back to see what’s taking me such a long time. I may not know where he is, but he always knows where I am.

I truly love my Mountain Cur Squirrel dog